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The Norwegian Forestry company Better Globe!

Location : Wisconsin, United States
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Posted On : Apr 19, 2012

We Plant Trees - You Earn!

The best time to plant trees was twenty years ago... 

The next best time is Now,  by investing in the Norwegian Forestry company Better Globe! With the purchase of one tree, Better Globe undertakes to plant and care for the tree for the next 20 years, and the tree will be planted in an area of its own. 

When you buy one tree, Better Globe actually plants three trees:

!        The first is your long time investment tree of mukau (mahogny).

!        The next is another for backup if something happens with the first.

!        The third is a three that will give dividend to you, like acacia that produce gum arabic, or mango tree, or other types.

From the fifth year of investment, you will have an annual return on investment of 15%.

During the full period from year 5 to year 20 you will earn money because Better Globe sell fruit and gum arabic.

After 20 years, the tree will be felled and sold.  The expected price is 150 Euros each.

See from the table below the result for a number of trees after 20 years, included annual yield after year 5:




Net Profit after 20 years


























If you buy 2 threes a month for 20 years your investment will be 7.200 Euros, but the total turn-back will be 82.080,00 Euros (net).  If you keep on buying trees at the same rate, just 2 trees a month, after 20 years you will have an annual income of 4.050 Euros for the following years.  NB! In all the figures for return, the original investment is deducted.  The total payment you receive per tree thus is 183,75 Euros.


The result are the minimum payment.  Your actual return may be increased if the price on timber increases.  Based on knowledge about historic prices, population and climate, the price is likely to raise.


Also, along with your personal financial benefits, planting of trees is one of the few natural ways to offset your personal carbon footprint and help combat desertification and absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  You will be climate neutral.


Your investment support Better Globe in creating sustainable human communities by providing water, building schools, forestry and agricultural training, and also support micro financing systems.


Create a better world and do good and earn money at the same time!

Best regards Christos Moschovitis / AID 15112

English site:           www.presvevo.gr/en

e-mail:               christos@betterglobe.com

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United States , Wisconsin
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