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Wellness Company

Location : Almond, North Carolina, United States
Posted by : Iworksmartnothard ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Dec 3, 2011

I found an amaaazing online & catalog store! They manufacture over 350 products of the items we use on a daily basis. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! The only thing is their products are natural. They contain no harsh chemicals and are non hazardous to our health and the environment. I was introduced to them and had never heard of them in my 29 years and it came just in the knick of time because I had just given birth and did not want my newborn around anything that has chemicls in it; especially when he would start crawling and walking. It's been months and I've transformed my entire home to a toxin free zone. It's been personally rewarding to not have the buring stench of clorox envading my nostrils and brain while burning my eyes, yet still get the same pristine white bathtub. It's relaxing to know that my nosey son won't wander off and run into a bottle of clorox or anything else like that. Here's how the store works:

Like I said, I never heard of the company before I was introduced to them because they don't advertise. They've never advertised. All their customers came to them via word of mouth from another customer. So, the first thing you'd do is let me introduce you to the company. This is done by contacting me so that I could direct you to the 20 minute webcast to view the company's presentation. Don't worry, it's not one of those videos where they're given you information about information. Also, let me just put it out there, that I'm not looking any money from you. You will never pay me any money for sharing this information with you or for anything else.

Next, you sign up for your membership. The membership fee is usually $29.00 for your first year and $12.00 every other year, but there are always monthly promotions with membership fee discounts. When I signed up, I only paid $1.00. Click my blog link below to read up more on this.

That's it! Then you begin shopping! But one thing you should know. This company allows you use greener products at unbelieveable prices. Once you begin shopping at this company, it is not wise to continue shopping for similar products at supermarkets. You won't see the savings! Every month I buy my household items, I save 40-60% It feels so good to walk into Kmart and only have to purchase pampers.



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5 years ago
United States - Post Free Ads
United States , North Carolina , Almond
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