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Location : New York, New York, United States
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Posted On : Nov 9, 2011

TellMyCell Gives Small Business Owners 4 Reasons to Love Text Marketing

The benefits of text marketing are many, but small business owners not yet using the technology may feel too intimidated to try it. With that in mind, TellMyCell put together a straightforward, easy-to-understand list of four reasons why small businesses will love text marketing. Once small business owners understand the many benefits of mass texting, they can explore http://www.tellmycell.com/ to learn more and even sign up for a free trial of TellMyCell’s services.

November 2011 – TellMyCell understands that not all small business owners are tech-savvy. Moms and pops in business for decades might even avoid learning about new technologies such as mass texting. To help educate small business owners about the technology’s many benefits, TellMyCell put together the following “4 Reasons to Love Text Marketing” list.

Mass texting can increase your revenue – Imagine being able to reach your customers wherever they are at any time. Statistics show that people open and read more than 95 percent of their text messages within minutes of receipt. With text marketing, you can deliver short, effective campaigns to your customers that can result in increased sales.

Text marketing can reach new customers – When you integrate a keyword – a short word that may include numbers – into your offline marketing efforts, potential customers can send a text with that keyword to join your Text Marketing recipient list. More customers can mean higher revenues.

Mass texting costs less and proves more effective – Traditional marketing methods – print, radio and TV ads – typically cost more than a small business owner can afford. Text marketing allows you to reach your customers for pennies per person, and as noted above, you can expect 95 percent of your customers to open your text message immediately. You can’t expect that level of penetration with any other type of marketing, either online or off. If you have a limited marketing budget, mass texting proves the most effective way to increase sales, and TellMyCell offers very competitive pricing.

Text marketing is easy – To prove how simple TellMyCell’s software and services are to use, the company offers a free trial at http://www.tellmycell.com/. Small business owners who opt for the trial version will simply select recipient groups, type their desired text message and hit “Send.” TellMyCell does the rest. Companies can easily manage their recipient groups, campaigns and incoming messages online.

Small business owners who want to learn more about TellMyCell’s mass texting technology before signing up for the free trial can take the feature tour, read through the highly informative “How Businesses Use Text Message Marketing” article and review the company’s comprehensive and regularly updated list of frequently asked questions, all available on the TellMyCell website. Sales representatives are also available by phone at (212) 255-7029 or live chat from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

About the TellMyCell: To learn more about the New York-based Mass Texting provider TellMyCell, contact Micah Waterman at (212) 255-7029 or info@tellmycell.com. You may also schedule an interview with one of TellMyCell’s executives through Waterman. To learn more about text marketing and leading mass texting provider TellMyCell, visit http://www.tellmycell.com/.

Contact Information:
Micah Waterman
New York, NY
Telephone #: (212) 255-7029
Email Address: info@tellmycell.com

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United States - Post Free Ads
United States , New York , New York
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