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Employing communication skills in your presentation could make it a success.

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Posted On : Nov 12, 2012

People come from a diverse group of backgrounds where they have been raised differently and converge in organizations, schools, and even churches.  The ability to live together, share different ideas, thoughts, values and is able to understand each other in a respectful manor matters a lot. It requires proper communication skills for one to deliver this. People convey messages by the use of communication. For there to be understandable communication it requires the people communicating to listen to each other carefully and be able to respond in the expected manner. Without proper communication its likely messages will be misinterpreted.

The ability for people to have effective communication skills especially in work places can enhance business relationships.  The manner in which people in organization discuss their issues matters a lot. Communication skills work hand in hand with presentation skills. These are very important aspects in a working environment and they are key factors to a successful work relationship.

There are different types and ways to giving an effective presentation; it could be in a business meeting or even, a staff meeting. All these meeting types require one to have the ability to communicate well; the person must be able to portray proper presentation skills. This can only be achieved through good preparation, and having the confidence to face the people seated before you. Plan on how to deliver your presentation, rehearse on how to be straight to the point. Being audible with a composed tonal variation can also be an added advantage to your presentation.

Whenever you get a chance to stand before people to make a presentation, employ styles and techniques that can make the audience to enjoy listening to you. Use non-verbal signs that will make your audience move with you in the right direction of the presentation. Smile at them and ask questions to ensure that they are all listening to you. It is also advisable to be as entertaining as possible, this will help your audience to relax and pay more attention to what you are telling them. Good communication skills will make your audience more alert and want to listen to your speech even longer.


A good presenter is one who has their notes in point form and one who does not dwell on reading a whole reading the presentation as if they are reading a novel in front of the audience in the name of giving a speech. Proper communication skills dictate that the presenter should be straight to the point, one that avoids ambiguous statements and should keep time. This will make a presentation session enjoyable and the audience will pay attention whenever you are going to speak to them. Staying too long on a point makes the presentation long, boring and annoying. Being a creative presenter will be an added advantage to presentation. You can be creative by popping an enjoyable game or coming up with some kind of riddle or tongue twister to help make your audience participate in your presentation. Be jovial and take part in the presentation to avoid making it look like some boring sermon.

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United States , New York , East Hampton
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