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The electronic cigarette as the solution to keeping you loved ones healthier

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Posted On : Oct 31, 2012

It is not quite certain how long ago tobacco was discovered, but it has been present in history from early ages. Granted, when people way back in the past used to smoke, chew or use tobacco in any way, they probably did not know or understand the damage it can cause, but that has changed. Because science has progressed so far it has allowed people to dissect almost everything they eat, drink, touch, smell or use in any way, so when the time came to learn more about smoking the results where, most probably at that time, shocking. Today smokers are constantly being warned about the terrible results that come from smoking, yet many of them continue to smoke saying that they can’t or don’t want to quit. The number one disease caused by smoking is lung cancer, and it is a nasty disease indeed, but if you don’t care about how awful it will be for you to go through it, at least think of those around you that will have to watch you struggle.


Because the current society is extremely concerned about health, someone somewhere decided it was time for a change. This is how the electronic cigarette happened. Electronic cigarettes have become an exceedingly common solution for those that want to keep smoking, but care just as much about their health and for those that want to quit. The elements contained in electronic cigarettes reduce the damage done to your body, bringing it to a minimum, the lower damage being achievable only by quitting.


For the smokers that care about the health of those around them, the electronic cigarette is quite the convenience. Regular cigarettes contain arsenic, tar, high amounts of nicotine and somewhere around 4000 other damaging substances that, when burned, become even more dangerous. The worst part is that while people smoke, the ones around them are even more affected then they are, so you could say that you are deliberately making others sick. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine as well, but in much smaller amounts, and it does not contain any of the other substances that could severely damage you lung and esophagus tissues.


Besides the reduction in expenses, the electronic cigarette has a few other benefits like the lack of carbon monoxide release. Because the electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco or other harmful elements, the smoke it releases is, mostly, just condensed air, the faint presence of nicotine being barely noticeable. The same lack of tobacco and the small nicotine presence ensures that the car, clothes or hair of anyone around the cigarette does not smell of smoke, and as a bonus, the electronic cigarette comes in a variety of flavors. So, in the end even if you don’t want to quick smoking, at least switch to electronic cigarettes, since they are more practical. Other reasons would be that they don’t require you to carry a lighter with you, they are better and safer for your health as well as your family’s and friends alike, and because you shouldn’t pay a fortune just to make yourself sick.

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United States , New York , Binghamton
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