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E cigarette-an excellent alternate to the fatal tobacco cigarettes

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Posted On : Nov 1, 2012

The electronic smoking device or electronic cigarette is basically a nonflammable product that gives the smokers a real smoking experience without any kind of flame, fire, tobacco, ash, stub, or odor that are present in real tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette smoker can enjoy smoking anywhere without any restriction. The electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes are based on a microelectronics technology. The electronic cigarette consists of three basic parts: a nicotine cartridge, an atomization chamber and a small chip. The tip of the cigarette has an operator indicating light that gets red at the tip just like a tobacco cigarette. In the same way the electronic cigarette also create vapor like smoke just like the real cigarette.

The E-cigarettes are free of tar and any other chemicals which are used in real cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes looks and even tastes like a real cigarette, but it is actually not a cigarette and is a tar free way to enjoy smoking. There are various E-cigarette flavor cartridges that contain tobacco, no ash and no smell at all. The nicotine level is different in different flavored cigarettes in order to suit all the smokers. The flavors are unique and include cherry crush, classic tobacco, java jolt, magnificent menthol, vivid vanilla, peach schnapps, and pina colada. All these are extraordinary flavors and give a feeling of a real cigarette.

The tobacco cigarettes are very harmful, and are a cause of several diseases and pre-mature death. The electronic cigarettes on the other hand are not harmful for health. According to the world health organization, electronic cigarette is a safe as well as effective nicotine replacement. The base liquids used in E-cigarettes consist of widely used food additives. But, it would be quite dangerous if the electronic cigarette leads the teenagers into conventional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are currently marketed for therapeutic purposes.

The electronic cigarettes usually look like the real cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but there are also certain e-cigarettes that resemble the daily usage items like pen and USB. The electronic cigarettes are quite popular as a replacement of tobacco cigarettes. As, it is not easy to quit smoking so people use electronic cigarettes that fulfills the habit of smoking without any kind of side effect and harm. Only in America, millions of people including a large number of teenagers died because of using tobacco cigarettes. The conventional cigarettes are also sold in low quality which is also an important reason of a large number of deaths.

Electronic cigarette is an excellent alternate to a real tobacco cigarette, without creating any harmful effects. These cigarettes can even be used in public places without any tension of affecting others health. The vapor cigarettes or e-cigarettes have given life to many people, as it is helpful in quitting the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Normally, a person addicted to conventional cigarettes cannot get rid of this fatal habit that ultimately leads to death. But, fortunately the electronic cigarettes with different flavors had helped a lot of people to quit the fatal habit of tobacco smoking. It is especially very popular in the teenagers and is also liked by elder ones.

By visiting the site http://www.electroniccigarettes.com/ you can get a lot of useful information about the electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are not thought to be harmful for health as it creates no ash, smoke and other hazardous elements. 

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United States , New York , Binghamton
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