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Pros and Cons of the iPad – Unique Review

Location : Gosht Gally Corner 75120 Angus, Minnesota, United States
Posted by : Asal shah ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Aug 3, 2012

When you walk down the street most of the time all you see is the tops of people’s heads coming towards you. Why? Most of them are too engrossed in their iPods or cellphones to even bother to look up. They are sharing pictures, articles, opinions; just about anything that can be transferred over the web to their friends. Mobile devices have become a way of life for people today and they are becoming even more connected with each other over them.

The use of mobile applications, and mobile usage in general, is something that should be considered by restaurants and businesses looking to upgrade their marketing strategy. This type of technology is growing and can be very useful. Today almost all of the country is connected by mobile devices. Users are more likely to use apps or texting rather than calling with their phones. These devices are always turned on and are generally by the person’s side at all times. The Neilsen 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet stated that there were 223 million users over the age of 13 in 2010 and that number has been steadily increasing. This is a wide group of potential customers that businesses can advertise to through mobile devices. It is very easy to market to people with mobile devices and give them advice and information almost instantly. With these devices, people are allowed to share their favorite pictures and videos to friends and even whole communities with one touch.

Mobile usage is at an all time high with people using their mobile devices to search the web. More and more people are getting smartphones and iPods that allow to them surf the web and download apps with a few simple touches. Although only 15% of global mobile devices are smartphones, they represent over 78% of total global mobile traffic according to Emerson Network Power. Tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices are all connecting people and are creating a global market for restaurants to advertise in.

Overall mobile usage especially with regards to mobile applications are something that businesses should at least take a look at. They are becoming increasingly more efficient at reaching future customers and expanding already established businesses’ reach. A few of the braver businesses have already created apps and are enjoying the attention from consumers. Hopefully more businesses will take a look at mobile devices and see the benefits that it could potentially give them.

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United States - Post Free Ads
United States , Minnesota , Angus
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