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Location : Cambridge, Maryland, United States
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Posted On : Jan 15, 2011

We can be of help to you!

We have helped organizations over the years to reduce costs, become more efficient, and grow.
Please take a moment and read our clients success story. As you read, keep in mind that we reduced their costs a lot more than invoiced!
“Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc. came in and helped us do the following:
· Created Technical Guides for thirteen different areas in our organization;
· Centralized SOP’s from each location to one standard;
· Reduced office supplies costs by 47% (more than $250,000), janitorial, cleaning & green supplies by 24% (more than $120,000), and copiers 17%;
· Assessed our procurement systems for compliance with procurement plans for improvement; and
· Provided procurement, green, assessment, and management training to our staff at each location across the U.S.”
“His sense of professionalism and timeliness of our needs was almost as strong as his knowledge base on our business as a government contractor … We are fortunate to have found him!!!”
Some of the areas we have helped many other Contractors, Centers, and Organizations are:
§ Centralized Procurement;
§ Proposal Writing and RFP’s;
§ Centralized Procurement (cost reduction, RFP’s, bidding process);
§ Standard Operating Procedure Creation & Implementation;
§ Corporate PAG Assessments;
§ Contractor Purchasing System Review Preparation & Training;
§ OIG Procurement Preparation;
§ Budget Management;
§ Green Training; and
§ And other areas.
Please let us know via email at info@atspg.com or by phone how we can be of help to you today.
Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc.
410.221.0129 Office
410.221.7705 Fax
What is Procurement Outsourcing?
Most U.S. companies have not been able to increase revenue, credit is harder to come by for expansion, less employees are doing more work, global competition has increased, raw materials are expected to increase, and the bottom line for companies is not what it used to be. As a result, procurement outsourcing is gaining momentum and being utilized by more and more companies. Accord­ing to Aberdeen, the who’s who of business analysts, more than 40% of U.S. companies will eventually utilize procurement outsourcing.
Procurement outsourcing is the action of a company outsourcing their procurement functions, with the acquisition of goods and ser­vices, through a third party. This does not mean that the company outsourcing loses control, but it does mean the utilization of third party services.
§ Outsourced procurement can mean:
§ Cost reduction;
§ Improved efficiency and compliance; and
§ Enhanced performance.
Pro­curement outsourcing can involve some or all of the company’s staff, technology, systems, and vendor management or everything can be directed by the procurement outsourcing firm.
The Problem
Most U.S. businesses pay too much for the goods and services they depend on. Most companies are unable to hire knowl­edgeable Purchasing Staff and/or pay the exorbitant rates of a Business Specialist.
The Solution
We would like to offer you an in­novative Procurement Cost Reduction Program.
This program can reduce the amount of time and money spent on goods and services without sacrificing the quality and services you and your customers depend on.
How it Works
We will implement a no cost assessment of your current needs, buying, bidding processes, and future needs. From this no cost analysis, we will determine what proj­ects and vendors to focus on. We will begin a bidding process, at no cost to you, a contract, hourly, or a combination, with the targeted projects and vendors. The contract winner is selected, new pricing is implemented, and we are paid a percentage of the savings.
This process will substantially reduce your costs of products and services without sacrificing the quality and service you depend on.
Don’t keep paying more than you should! Contact us today by clicking www.howtoreducemycosts.com and we will contact you. Utilize our several years of proven experience, our track record, and understanding of many industries today!
Contact Us
We would like the opportunity to be a part of your cost reducing strategy. Please contact us at www.howtoreducemycosts.com for your no cost assessment / appointment.
You can review more about us in depth at www.ATSPG.com
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United States , Maryland , Cambridge
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