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Location : Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Posted by : Sskashash ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Nov 15, 2012

Global One has access to the most incredible Eco-Bio Sciences......launching in Sept.

* Water Purification Product - Powder form - 1 kilo purifies 400,000 gallons of water.

* Vegetable Rinse -Kills bacteria, fecal matter, etc, and help Produce last longer

* Water additive to add to soil in gardens - helps build the structure

of the plants and keeps bugs from eating them. It improves the yield.

* Spray for rooms that gets rid of viruses, molds, hepatitis, bird flu,

mosquitoes. Bugs will leave!

* Water that is so life-giving, that seeds will grow in the dark...

almost anywhere! They can be grown in warehouses, ships, etc.

When sunlight is introduced, they grow even better!

* A skin product that it is so hydrating that nobody anywhere

has anything to compare with it. Super hydrating water is the

key. A Hollywood couple offered 1 Billion to purchase rights

to the product.

* A product that prevents cattle disease. We are the only

company in the world to offer this product.

* Eco friendly cleaners that are classified as food products.

* Products endorsed by the African Chamber of Commerce.

*Self Tanning oil that has no negative side effects -looks natural.

* FDA and EPA approved

Other optional businesses that will be offered under the Global One Umbrella

* Be a Full service travel agency. Plus Hotel, car rentals

* Social networking platform like you have never seen before

* Business in gaming, music, malls, books, just to name a few. Once

again all these businesses will be revolutionary cutting edge.

Global One has a list of over 300 Amazing other products

* Containers for many of our products are clear plastic. African

children, for example, are going to paint the clear plastic and sell

them back to GlobalOne. GO will pay them a buck for each one they paint (recycle).

* Down the road (3 to 6 months), GO will give each member a

call inviting us to offer inventions, concepts, products, and ideas,

to the company. They will produce it, package it, and get it on the market for us.

I trust this summary will benefit everyone. Please do yourselves and your families and friends a favor
Join free and then tell everyone about this incredible company...

and the once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.

Don't miss the chance of a lifetime because you didn't want to spend the

few minutes it takes to sign up FREE and see for yourself what a Paradigm Shift

Global One really is.

>>> http://www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/baltimore

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United States , Maryland , Baltimore
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