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How social media has evolved for marketing purposes?

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Posted On : Oct 11, 2012

Today’s integrated marketing communications have completely changedthe outlook of business because marketing from the past several years to this day is only evolving. Without marketing one cannot possibly think of getting the world to know about his or her brand that is why marketing offers a great deal of advantages besides just letting the world know about you!

Marketing communications in present era focuses on direct approach building. In this way customers are pampered in a more personal way. We have seen how renowned brands consistently praise and value their customers; similarly those less renowned and existing brands also focus on their valued customers no matter how low their number may be. Although the number is comparably lower than those of renowned brands yet these brands succeed in taking up a good market share.

Technology is growing and it’s playing a vital role in business development and so the new reforms coming up with social media networks have taken this concept by storm and introduced new methods for marketing communications. Social media attracts a large group of people from all over the world and concentrates them at a single platform where they are united and connected to share interests and develop networking with each other.  In this way, social media marketing strategy is used to market products online through various means e.g., ads, website banners and fan pages.

This form of advertising has a number of benefits for the organizations. First the cost that every organization incurs on marketing campaign is reduced to a greater extent if they opt for social media marketing techniques. The reduced cost is availed through free services offered on social media networking sites or other online outlets of social media. Even if they charge you for an advertisement that per unit cost is comparably much lower than those of print media advertising or TVCs.

Secondly, through social media marketing, brands get to target a larger number of customers online irrespective of their geographical location which helps the company understand the demand for their products. When customers interact with the brandsonline directly through social media tools, companies get to collect direct feedbacks on customer’sexperience with the product or service they present. Companies can introduce discounted offers or even createhype on their new product launch through these channels where people will get to know about their next venture online with a repeated message strategy.

Social media marketing uses various tools for these purposes besides making social media networking sites astheir best proven channels ever. It requires that the social media be analyzed before heading on to select it as a marketing strategy. Next, social media must be integrated to provide you a number of plus points besides creative features so that you can get your customers and potential customers engaged within your marketing. Including this, social analytics, social bookmarking, automations and validations are also offered as a complete package with social media marketing through various companies that provide these services for their valued customers (firms). There are firms that dedicatedly provide social media marketing services for those who want to have a largely associated group of marketing working with social media channels.

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