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Julian Rouas Paris

213 4476702
Location : Los Angeles, California, United States
Posted by : Suzanneb ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Nov 20, 2010

Julian Rouas is an overbearing person as rude as a low-budget Hollywood director. He likes to give the impression of a competent businessman whom you could trust, but in reality he finds solace in ripping people off without purpose or scruples, this is his 'modus operandi'! The irony is so thick you could choke on it; Julian Rouas wanted to be in the news at any cost, he has manifestly achieved it, his story covered by the very people he had ripped off. This con-artist has failed utterly and he is now living hand to mouth, finding asylum on a friend's couch. Another sucker on his 'sucker list'. That epitomizes the grim truth; Julian Rouas is a jinx. Having a psychotic edge, you never know which way he is going to spin. What a mouth on this character!! Beware, lying comes easy to him and he is masterful at playing the victim until his true character is revealed, looming over people's lives like a malicious black cloud. Totally illiterate, publicity craving and fame-seeking, Julian Rouas is living on Pluto. Unfortunately, his money siphoning scam has dried up and a lot of people want to bash his head. Nevertheless, the sobering reality is his crimes must be atoned for. Miles away from the dirt and stench of his native Maghreb, this false Perfume Designer sees life thru the prism of superstition; the gospel according to Julian Rouas. Appealling to his vanity, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has gone fatally to his head, Julian Rouas will do anything to bask in the limelight. He is about 6-feet tall and I never knew that shit could piled that high, I really had a gut-full of his crap and I managed to bail out. The bottom line is you ought to be wrapped in a straight jacket if you invest your money with this egomaniac. Julian Rouas is about to be trapped in a mire of his own making... duh, he is facing a monumental problem and he is about to find himself into a waking nightmare.



PIC 1 - JULIAN ROUAS is a debauched swinger, he gave my butthole a 5 minute lick!!!

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6 years ago
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United States , California , Los Angeles
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