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Here Are Some Treatment For GERD

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Posted On : Apr 24, 2013

For people who are sick with GERD, the symptoms can be painful that you find yourself restless and searching for relief. This will include symptoms of heartburn, and you experience it day and night. If you want to find quick treatment for GERD, you may want to try the least invasive. If none seem to work, settle for the best option that can ease your pain.

Have your head and chest elevated when sleeping

One treatment of GERD especially if you have been waking up at night due to heartburn will need you to raise your head by putting underneath two more pillows. Or you can lift the top of the bed by putting blocks underneath. When you have your head and chest elevated, this will reduce the pain and lull you to sleep. You can also experience relief when you lie on the left side rather than on the right.

Meal gaps before bedtime

You will need to eat your dinner/supper two or three hours before bedtime and take it in smaller quantity. This should be a treatment for GERD. Also learn to eat a well balanced meal and avoid ingesting caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, vinegar, peppermint, spicy and acidic foods as these increase risks of heartburn.

Wear comfortable clothes

If you want quick treatment of GERD, try not to wear tight fitting clothes. This will suppress the stomach and aggravate the symptom. To ensure you remain relaxed and comfortable, wear loose clothes.


If you are obese and inflicted with GERD, you may need to reduce weight. Do things as expected for losing weight.

Smoking and alcohol

These increase risks for heartburn and may do more harm than good on your body. If you have these vices, you can also acquire more serious diseases, so learn to quit the habit. It will surely make you healthy from head to foot. Do influence others to stop this habit too.

Chewing gum

There really is no scientific explanation to chewing gums, but you may want to chew it to increase production of saliva. The saliva neutralizes stomach acids and hence, it reduces symptoms of GERD.

Buy over the counter medication

Antacids are immediate relief for GERD. They help neutralize stomach acids quickly. It works to neutralize the acids to prevent reflux. You will need to ingest the pill an hour after mealtime. This is where the symptoms begin. However, it can also have you experience diarrhea or constipation.There are other medicines that can be treatment for GERD such as Tagamet, which stimulates the production of stomach acids; and Prilosec, which blocks the secretions of acids from the stomach. These work to protect the digestive system from GERD. These can be purchased over the counter.

There is no better way for treatment of GERD than going to a doctor. All of the above have been derived as per doctor’s advice. If you think these don’t work on you, the doctor can give you better alternatives such as surgery. He may need to widen your esophagus through laparoscopy or endoscopy.



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If you are seeking immediate treatment for GERD, the best person to tell you that is your doctor. Or you can try natural remedies, which can be seen through this article.


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