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Location : Arizona City, Arizona, United States
Posted by : Tonyberastegui ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Dec 3, 2011

YouTube Analytics Signifies Importance of Online Video

YouTube, the online video service purchased by search engine giant Google in 2006, has announced the release of YouTube Analytics, a software tool that demonstrates the growing importance of online video. With YouTube serving up a record 20.9 billion videos in October, online videos have clearly evolved from mere distractions or harmless entertainment to important tools in carefully crafted social media marketing campaigns.

November 30, 2011 -- YouTube, Google’s online streaming video service recently announced the release of YouTube Analytics, a new set of tools that provides detailed metrics about Internet videos.

YouTube viewers watched a record-breaking 20.9 billion videos in October, 2011. While this number is impressive, the following statistics quoted in The SEO Agency article help to further illustrate the potential of YouTube as a marketing tool.

* Users upload more than 35 hours of new video content to the site every minute.
* To watch all of the content currently on the site would take a person 1700 years.
* Perhaps most importantly (from a marketing perspective), nearly 10 percent of all website traffic now funnels through YouTube at some point.

YouTube Analytics is a reaction to the growing importance of YouTube videos as part of online marketing campaigns. The tool provides key metrics such as audience demographics, which videos are the most popular, which videos are shared most frequently, whether people watch an entire video or just part of it, which videos generate the most comments and which websites are directing the most traffic to a video. All of this information is critical to the people who design and manage marketing campaigns.

While the new YouTube Analytics is a welcome tool, it’s important for companies, organizations and individuals who hope to incorporate online video as a means of increasing web traffic and brand recognition to realize that this represents just one component of SEO. While having accurate metrics is a good thing, it’s even more important to understand the variables that drive web traffic. For example, three of the key SEO components of any online video (through YouTube or other popular video sites) are providing an intriguing title, crafting appropriate tags and keywords and providing an accurate description of what the viewer can expect to see.

About the Author: Tony Berastegui is an SEO professional who frequently provides analysis on related topics on his blog at www.theseoagency.com. To contact Tony with any comments, questions or suggestions about SEO, please e-mail Tony.Berastegui@theseoagency.com, call 1.877.405.6613 or write to 1001 W. Southern Ave., Suite 118, Mesa, Arizona 85210.

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