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Location : Arizona City, Arizona, United States
Posted by : Tonyberastegui ( View user all ads )
Posted On : Nov 1, 2011

Google’s “Author” Link Tag Attribute: Use and SEO Implications

Google recently introduced a feature that allows content sites to identify their authors, resulting in the capability to link authors to content they’ve written that appears on other websites. Implemented correctly, this feature gives authors the ability to allow people to easily discover all of the online content they have published, which is particularly useful when someone finds an author whose work s/he appreciates. This feature also comes into play when it comes to search engine queries. To fully understand the Google “Author” link attribute, including how it works and its implications for search engine queries, The SEO Agency has published a detailed analysis.

Oct. 28, 2011 -- Google recently introduced a new feature, the “Author” link tag attribute, which has significant implications for writers, the websites that publish their content and search engine queries. While many websites have traditionally published content with a byline and sometimes an accompanying author bio section, the lack of a set standard has made it difficult to search for specific writers and find all of the content they have published across multiple websites. The intention of Google’s “Author” link tag attribute is to put a standard in place that makes it easy to search for all of the pieces a particular author has written, regardless of the publishing websites.

In its announcement of the feature, the company noted: “
Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content.”

Although it sounds simple enough, there has been considerable confusion about this new feature, including how to properly implement it and what impact it might have on search engine queries. In response, The SEO Agency has published a detailed overview of the feature, providing useful information such as proper code syntax and placement needed to take advantage of the feature, how to leverage a Google Plus profile as part of the emphasis on author identification and thoughts on what impact the feature might have on search engine behavior. Also included are details on how to properly incorporate author identification in special cases, such as websites that feature multiple authors, and how authors can direct readers to their social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

While this new capability has the potential to increase exposure for authors (particularly prolific authors who have published material across multiple websites), it also serves as a barometer for writer credibility. The “Author” link tag attribute has implications when it comes to search engines. Website owners need to understand these implications, as well as how to use the link tag attribute correctly in order to maintain or improve their website ranking on search engines.

About The SEO Agency: The SEO Agency has been on the leading edge of search engine optimization for a decade, helping organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement effective search marketing strategies. For additional information on the company or to learn more about Google’s “Author” link tag attribute, visit www.theseoagency.com. Questions may be directed to Tony Berastegui by email at Tony.Berastegui@theseoagency.com, by calling 1.877.405.6613, or by writing to 1001 W. Southern Ave., Suite 118, Mesa, Arizona 85210.

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United States - Post Free Ads
United States , Arizona , Arizona City
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