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Wireless Industrial Bulk Truck Theft Prevention System

Location : Gosht Gally Corner 75120 Akiachak, Alaska, United States
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Posted On : Aug 9, 2012

The Wireless Industrial Bulk Truck Theft Prevention System is specially designed for using in commercial vehicles as well as machinery. The system is used in order to protect the vehicles from unauthorized use. The system can detect the unauthorized engine start of the commercial vehicles as well as gigantic machines. Depending on the customer’s application or need, the wireless industrial Driver Authorization System can be designed in different way. Here are some popular variations of Truck Theft Prevention System:

Model DASI000IGN: This is unique model prevents unauthorized engine start. The system is armed automatically each time whenever the system key is turned off. One can again disarm the system by inputting the correct user code and it allows the engine to be started. The main advantage of this system is that they are suitable for using all types of vehicles.

Model DASI000AT: This is another model of Driver Authorization System that prevents unauthorized vehicle movement by using the automatic transmission process. In this case the system is armed automatically by shifting the transmission into park. Whenever any unauthorized person wants to drive the vehicle without entering a valid user ID code, the engine stalls automatically. One can again disarm the system by entering valid ID code and a result the engine also starts again. This system suits well for any of the vehicles that need to be left unattended with engine running.

Model DASI000AB: This system is same as the above model. It is armed with the application of truck parking brake. This is ideal for using in those vehicles that are equipped with air brakes. The system stalls the engine each time when the parking brake is released without entering the valid code. Again, you can disarm the system by entering the valid ID code. This model is well suited for large trucks with air brakes as well as engines that need to be left running while vehicle is unattended.

Model DASI00ABT: It is also similar to the above model. However, it is mainly designed for tractor or trailer units with a dedicated trailer parking brake. The system can be armed with application of tractor you can also arm the system with the trailer parking brake. This system is ideal to prevent deliberate bypass of authorization system by the drivers using trailer brakes to park vehicle. If any unauthorized person attempts to bypass, disable, or damage this Wireless Industrial Driver Authorization System, it will result ignition to lock out until repairs are made or a valid code is entered.

User ID Codes: The term User Id Code refers to a three to nine digit ID code that is entered to disarm the Driver Authorization System. The truck owner can select this code and the code is programmed into the unit by using a ‘master code’ assigned to the truck owner. DAS systems are available with up to three levels of administrative master codes. When the truck owner wants to change the driver’s authorization code, he/she should enter the master code. In case if an invalid master code is entered repeatedly for five times or more, the system will automatically ‘lock out’ for ten minutes.

BASE Engineering designs Wireless Industrial Driver Authorization System to prevent unauthorized movement of the vehicle. We offer a four year hassle free, replacement warranty with each of the products we design. Our wireless industrial remotes are well adopted by the sectors like industrial petroleum, bulk transport, and other petrochemical applications.

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United States - Post Free Ads
United States , Alaska , Akiachak
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